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How To Create A High Traffic Website From Scratch

Well, it looks very simple and easy but when it gets to the implementation part, it sure is not looking like an easy task. Worry not, creating a high traffic generating site from traffic is not a big deal if you have the right tools and the right skill sets.

Before going into the technicalities, let me give you an example. There have been lot of sites which have made it big in very less time, like which made big money in less than 6 months.

So if you think that only big sites can make the money, you are wrong.

So how does the plan work?

In order to create a high traffic website you need to have a plan. This is how it looks like.

1) Understanding the Search Engines ==> 2) Finding out your target ==> 3) Use the right tools for research ==> 4) Create quality content ==> 5) Leave the spaces.

1. Understanding the search Engines.

It’s very important to understand the search engines, and how they work. There are a lot of resources available on the internet today that lets you teach this. DailySEOblog is one which I really enjoy.

Search Engine traffic is great for monetization. In fact, I’d prefer traffic from search engines as the best source for monetization. I’ll discuss this point in the next section. So first understand how the search engine works, how people use search engines, how they behave on Google and Yahoo, and how they find information using the search engines. Once you discover this, you are half the way of your journey.

2. Finding your target

By now, youd’ve understood that search engine traffic is the best one to target. Search Engine traffic is great since they are information seekers. So if you are able to deliver them quality information through your articles or ads, they are highly likely to accept or use it. So when you write your articles, keep in mind the “information seekers” and their behavioral pattern.

3. Use the right tools to search

Tools are available everywhere but only a wise guy knows which one to use and which not to. Essentially you have to find the tools to research out your topics. You have to find which are the most traffic generating keywords on the search engines and pick the ones which you are comfortable with. You have to make careful decision at this point of time because if you pick a keyword that has huge traffic but if you are not comfortable with it, then you are doing something irreparably wrong.

4. Create quality content

Quality content is the key to success. People on the internet are so wise they can easily make out what’s good quality article and not. They are so clever, so don’t even dare to cheat them. Creating quality content means writing authoritative and extensive articles, that really help the end user. You have to find out what the “information seekers” are looking for and then write articles catering them. You can point them to other web sources as well give in your opinions. But it all needs to be exclusive and nicely packed, so that the readers digest it. Consider two dots. One – The person seeking for information and Two – The information you are providing. If you can neatly connect between the two then you are on the right path, otherwise not.

5. Leave the spaces

This is extremely important. If you are targeting the “information seeking” crowd from the search engines, then you have to use this formula. While you write your content, make sure that you leave spaces for them to think about it. One can never make sure that you can give all the extensive information available on the web about a topic. Even if you try for it, I don’t think you will be able to write the most extensive information on a topic, even the wikipedia cannot do it. So leave it. But make sure that you leave some hooks or spaces for the “information seeker”. You may ask “why”?

Well, this space is what earns you money. While the “information seeker” is busy looking for more information, your ads and other links will attract him and point him towards other sources of information. If you use ads wisely, you can make use of this phenomena to your benefit while making sure that the “information seeker” finds good worthwhile information.

We’ll discuss on the tools needed to create a high traffic website from scratch in the next article.

Kenneth Atkinson is a family man who had no choice but to learn about online business. He, like so many others who have suffered difficulties at work, was compelled to adapt — and quickly — in order to support himself and his family.