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How To Make Money Writing Online and Avoid Making Mistakes

Writing online to make the money that you need to meets ends meet is one of those satisfying things that you can ever do. What is better than following your passion and earning money doing what you love to do? In this article I will teach you not only how to make money writing online, but how to avoid making mistakes that writers tend to make online.

Do Not Take On Too Many Projects

It seems that the more projects you take on, the more money you will make. This logic is very simple and it is true, but only up to a certain point. Some writers, hungry for establishment tend to spread themselves a little too thin when they find a great resource for work.

As you will soon discover, taking on projects is not the only way that a writer builds their income. If you try to take on too much what you will soon discover is that something is not going to get turned in on time. The last thing you want to do as a writer is ruin your reputation by having a history of botched and late projects. The employers will not be too happy with this and some of them may get the word out about you. Pretty soon those opportunities for great projects will be gone.

Do Not Work On Projects That Don’t Pay Enough

Some new writers in their eagerness to write for pay will write for as little as $0.60 per 500 words or less! I have been one of these and believe me; it is not worth the trouble at all. While there maybe times that taking a low pay per word rate project may have its benefits, I suggest that you go no lower than $2 per 500 words, even though this is still pretty low.

These projects should be taken on only at times when you are waiting for other bids on higher paid jobs to come through and you have absolutely no other paid tasks to work on at the moment. Don’t miss out on getting the higher paid jobs because you were so preoccupied with completing a low paying project. Be sure to go for the gold first.

Not Having A Portfolio Ready

Many of the highest paying writing jobs require the writer to submit a few samples and a resume. This might be a hurdle for a new writer, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you even set out to get into writing, sit down and write out a resume and create a couple of writing samples that represent the kind of content you see yourself working to produce in a successful project.

For example, if you want to write articles about business, have a couple of related articles ready to upload to any prospective employer. And, as for the resume, don’t let it turn you off. Sometimes people can be hesitant to make a resume when they are applying for a job in a field where they don’t have much experience. Get the resume done. The best type of resume for a new writer is a skills resume.

Learning how to make money writing online is not as important as avoiding many of the mistakes most writers tend to make. However, if you can avoid taking on too many projects, not having a portfolio ready or taking projects that don’t pay enough, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be just fine as an online writer.

Kenneth Atkinson is a family man who had no choice but to learn about online business. He, like so many others who have suffered difficulties at work, was compelled to adapt — and quickly — in order to support himself and his family.